03 Mar


This is the number god gave me. 

I see it nightly as I work  

original as in the portfolio  

posing by ocean desert skies 

war plutocracy rape fantasy success 

and I'm like Yeah no surprise 

I vacuum in my underwear 

and pretend the artworks tilted 

odd angles by earthquakes 

mean something new 

(and I've heard you go crazy that way)  

because it doesn't happen to anyone  

without vanity, a good hairdresser 

a townhouse behind the airport a

nd a millionaire nerd  

who poses as confessor 

sunny Fridays when coffee and a paper 

lets down dreams of Monte Carlo, 1953 

and a lime-green Lamborghini 

tearing up the cherry roads, life at stake 

mind bent on sky-high slices  

of coconut cake 

or New York nights a zebra mask defines me 

as I peek at magazines on optometry 

at the end of the all-night pharmacy 

with 5 good friends and money to blow 

on Earth, as it is in need 

of a good bra 

and someone who gets it.  

Beauty is as lucky as amazing 

which somehow makes my life more mine  

than if it mattered I acknowledge you. Anyhow

can you see who I am?   

My life  is not determined by the answer   

but I wonder nonetheless. Yes? 

Well I'll take a McDonald's apple pie and no memory-- 

did I forget you last Friday?-- 

nothing but a number.   

It begins with 123.  


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