01 Mar

I had no captain to begin with. 

The navigator was a basket case.  

All compasses went haywire 

and the anchor rusted through. 

The birds mocked me as they took the sails

This man is the opposite of what he wants to be! 

Tired of being a stingray 

in a world where meaning has no time 

to be established as the continents I witnessed move

I saluted all flags, I accepted all things. 

Very soon I was marooned. 

The whales were speaking in kazoo. 

Comets and sea turtles 

told me secrets and lies. 

I took my pages from the proverbs of a given sky 

prayed with one hand and an ocean wave 

Give me my pineapple wine! 

I thought I was really something. 

Then wondered why 

no hunters blazed in search of me 

on wakes of golden bones 

across horizons bluer than cologne 

why I found my torture 

a Manila fortune 

in new days now shining 

too bright to be healthy or real. 

One morning my head 

wide as the sky 

I could not tell if I was breathing 

because I was the air 

counting the silver 

stars up above 

listening into the glistening 

a black magician for good.   


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