03 Mar

2. Sears catalogs. Bamberger's petite-dress carousels. 

Lego cities, Panthor, Dan Marino, Jordan. The Pump.  

1. I will never be approached by hungry flies. Or wanderlust butterflies.  

1. The cliff is steep for bighorn sheep who butt their heads when the kingdom hangs.  

2. Confusion fall. Deliberate rewiring. 

This is evolution. Don’t let the fungus take control of your brain.  

1. I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about anything but what is wrong. In general from above.  

2. Sometimes it seems like things are gonna work out. 

And it just doesn’t work out.  

3. I appreciate your input and anticipate your opinions. 

But you were a monster during your wife’s pregnancy.  

I heard there was a pattern. Now I see it too.    

2. Mom, a bug got in my bath and I got it out now.  

Now, the child counts toward your taxes.   

5. Syria. Eucalyptus. Cameo. Reinforcement. 

Lark. Swoosh. Tsunami. 

Ambush. Rerelease. Fall guy. False false flag. 

Anodized. Sanitized. Canary. Island. Afternoon. Tuesday? Please. 

I have seen a sure way forward and I nod to the stars.  

3. Still there is salt pouring 

from the mouths of mannequins 

who lay the logic down.  

2. I am afraid to learn 

how bad I was.  

2. Thinking gently of caramel on mellow snow. 

It is a delight today to think so lightly.  

5. Limits come and go. 

They are not limits. 

We push until the rivers break  

and half the country has found the mudslide. 

It is a delight today to think so lightly.  

2. What can we do but wait 

and make ourselves more humane?  

1. Look, it's really not that bad.  

5. I spent too long on my dream. 

Turning symbols in my hands  

and will go down with an ending 

that may reward our predators 

as I am contracted to remind you.  

1. The world is loud and you cannot hear.  

2. Barbarians have mobilized. 

You are the Trojan horse you say I am I am*. 

*No, you are.  

5. Tension over territory, airspace and identity, 

rights and needs  

has a nation of experience  

stagger from enlightenment to excrement 

bragging like a drunken spy.  

5. Don't you remember? 

Well, we are about to take a detour anyway.  

A new stanza supplants the me I am now 

with lies to replace 

the wisdom I curse with.  

2. Be the best in you. 

Though you die like an industrial chicken.  

7. 1957 Polo Grounds. From the roof 

I see the hula models usher in the wind. 

Marilyn Monroe flashes me on every stairwell. 

The concourse is a library filled with Nazi hunters. 

The pancakes of a diffident cook. Sausage 

and breeze of the lovely day. 

1957 Polo Grounds. Game underway.  

1.6. Strip club melee and I'm all for democracy:  


breaking up the strobelights 

highlighting angles elbows cock  

when dancers take the stage 

Pacquiao is raging 

and vodka takes men back a few.  

3. Yes, this is a totally unrefined piece of crap. 

No, it is derivative of a distant, forgettable past!

The last of the ninth! The consummation of excess!  

5. Gotham. Alabaster. Seashell. Reconnaissance. 

Escapade. Deconstruction. Stability. Skeleton. Dive. 

Forget-me-not. Joseph Conrad. Password. Mailman. 

Hamburger Hill. Jack Teagarden. Coming to you live. 

Ding ding ding.  

1. A dozen starburst dictators.  

3. Father figure fallout. Aging apocalyptics. 

Squandered analytics.  

Massive quantities of too-much-everything.  

5. The boos will be severe, jagged 

and louder than the flashbangs. 

No supersonic arsenal  

blocks the roar of the big jeer 

of the vulgar mob.  



2. That’s enough, son.  Don’t beat yourself up 

about the end of the world.  




1. Vietnam conduct. Iraqi snuff. Secret: destroyed.  

2. I don't want it to be like this. 

Sobstory Diamond-Level Suburban White Woman.  

3. Doltish husband. Predictable klutz.  

Broken fantasy. Band of Gypsys. 

Headed nowhere good.  

? The future is clay again laced with old roots and earthworms  

  1. Tom was murdered. 
  2. The murder is not supported by any evidence, recollection, or record. 
  3. Tom’s murder was lost among the rolls of dead. 
  4. So many mummies, thieves no longer cared. 
  5. Tom was murdered. Do you remember Tom?  

4. A crescent moon behind the ear. 

Raiders of the Lost Ark. 

Craig Ehlo. Janelle Monae. Peter Sellers. 

The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover.  

Why do we even want to keep each other alive? 

I mean, at this point isn’t it a bit disgusting? 

C7545. *1A#{Ujs+. Active measures. 

I am exhausted to make sense.  

Lamborghini Miura 1970 P400S. 

'59 Eldorado Biarritz. 

Cabernet tomatillo 

olive nectarine strawberry heart. 

Drake blue. Pacific sand. Shining starfish. Beat echo. 

The air did not depress. Cathedral. Forest. 

Yvonne de Carlo. The Tears of the Injured. 

A request for silence for a memory of the fallen.  

A request to disintegrate like a crime along the trail. 

Return to the beginning.  

Continuation Gratuitously Drawing Attention to Itself  

That is an oversimplification if I ever heard one.  

Hot day. Staple Singers. May the circle be unbroken. 

Algiers. Data structures. Unpredictability. 

Somebody in Iceland was thinking this is crazy 

but it was really "the way we live nnooww", suckas.  

Somebody in Texas was thinking the same (shoot me a buck).  

6. Tom's murder was broadcast nevertheless on nightly news. 

7. Tom disputed that he had been murdered from a talk show chair, despite his murder. 

8. He wore a shirt with elephants and palm trees, baseball cap, and cigarette and mumbled about justice. 

9. Don’t blame Ruth. She was on a tangent. Her knife sliced only brisket and tomatoes.  

10. Who the hell is Ruth? 

58. The murder broadcast was faked. 

12. Tom's dispute was reportedly done under stress. 

13. Tom spoke the truth. You disagree? 

14. That was my wife. She has a stressful job. Is something wrong?  

The tomato bled. The tomato kept bleeding.   

Frost on the pinecone. Birth of the mosquito.  

The tomato is still bleeding.   

4. Staring at $5000 works of trash 

I wonder if I’m the asshole  

disparaging degenerate minds 

because I have no intention of listening to you.  

[enter valid digit] People were like, eh, well, I can kinda see….

but these people died without names 

like I do every day.  

Like Tom.  

Like the man who struggled to understand I used to be 

before I went to the Polo Grounds. 

Or before I discovered Syria.  

Or before the tomato began to bleed? 

Which was it? Who am I?  

2. I am twenty minutes after midnight. 

And the tomato is still bleeding.   

[enter valid digit] Fifty minutes after midnight 

and Yvonne's thinking What's going on with this tomato?  

She just got back from the Polo Grounds. 

She changed her sex and turned into me. 

She has no answer  

and the stanzas became arbitrary 


The tomato's blood covers the floor.  


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