01 Mar

It’s going to look like it's beautiful.  

But it will also be terribly crass. 

And depending on whether you believe  

those qualities mutually exclusive 

it may be something you ignore-- 

long and discursive 

disappointing and filthy 

cruel, narcissism  

disguised as prophecy  

a hypocrisy, misguided (typical guy) 

the dull kind of grand failure  

the circus with no soul. 

And perverse on top! 

(Oh, so like shock-value shit?) 


Now judge jury executioner  

I essentially ask you to engage  

and gauge if I am speaking truth  

or platitude: 

chicken soup for the steroid overdose 


truth in search of its verification 

a fancy object you resent and do not dust.  

Because I cannot tell 

because it's hard to take  

this mix of smoke and filth  

and awesome weight, america  

and still emerge with mind intact 

unswayed by open record of debatable fact 

promise broken/history rererealized 

redacted artifact 

(let alone believing in a Zoroaster) 

turning out to be a sometruth 

a lost azimuth 

not for all my flaws baby, not for all my flaws 

operational, humane 

(or inhumane, not to be confused with subhuman, somehow) loving, rational, etc. 

For ignorance must ddie 


or become a peaceful coma.   

Of course, peace and love are the answer. 

Why are they so hard to attain? 

Because Time is short  

and our focus skies  

like shooting cars 

crashing on the fly? 

The answer is a discovery 

you have already made 

and need to rediscover.   

Perhaps you will think 

This book is not full of falsehoods! 

It is a poor but accurate assessment 

of the jet in freefall  

from the troposphere  

that despite attempts, desperately 

and the risks, some, as readers 

must eliminate to surpass 

finds itself like a wasp 

hanging near the ceiling 

of the warm summer bungalow 

joining your evening newscast 

with the sound of buzzing death 

and destined for the tape: 

Don't go snowboarding with a torn MCL. 

Avoid Tonga real estate.   

Perpetuating questions...perpetuate 

(Has anything been gained by life?) 

so will you, unright to lie 

use this book to help defend 

the open meaning  

of the possible importance 

of being a free and still-logical  

human being did-their-best

before a panel of unblinking angels 

if you did something  

to ease the glacier into the sea  

despite the messages of your apparent 


Or if by misfortune  

you stumble on these words 

gun-in-hand and think  

That stupidass poet makes no sense 

must I convince you, fool, Read more!   

Perhaps you can find something-- 

a question asked among antiquities 

gathered by rainlight herein, this book 

this nearly endless exposition, yes 

has some good points  

but I am my own damn person 

you cry and see the skeleton 

at the end of the hallway.  

I thought your questions too.  

I lived in your life. 

Here is what you saw.  


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