01 Mar

Nothing's sadder than listening to other people party 

toying with the abacus of ideology 

while twenty-year-old prodigals 

get half-bipolar on the blow-- 

exotic dope--qualuudes ayahuasca  

cool stuff briefcased in  

from cities richer than thou 

more well-adjusted than thou


learning money management 

as you play the lottery 

roasting marshmallows on coat hangers 

over candles on the roof  

sliding home on the frozen tears 

of dirty old lunatics 

patrolling in Town Cars for love 

to watch the earth turn on its side  

absorbed by elementary questions 

it asks us to answer with assumptions:  

What is a point? What is a line? 

What do you miss when you have everything 

and no desire?  

Some birds never learn to fly and still survive. 1999

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