03 Mar


You can read if you want you have read it before. 

The future comes at us 

a pink fireball 

with limitless horsepower.  

Every step into the future 

platitude gimmick bluster and hoax 

find tragedy with an endless equation of sequels. 

You follow the policy like herrings 

shimmering in dimensions 

of their decision to enter 

the great gape of the whale.  

It's starting to happen. 

It could be happening now.  

editor's blues 

All messages appear red bold and speeding. 

Never read anything twice and you will understand 

the way things got this way. 

Every day after day 

keeps going keeps switching on 

its on switches/keeps switching off its off/its 

squaring of the squaring up 

the supersupreme that manifests the mean. 

Ever felt yourself the agent of the Almighty Buffoon? 

Ridden like a fly by a virus 

a continent by plates 

a nature underneath 

with secret interests not your own? 

Five hours behind myself 

the days end up in the sky. 

I am burnt steak 

raw inside. 

Never read anything twice 

and you will understand.  


Dissatisfaction with what it is: O original world 

with my hands forked in your soft sides 

I am lines on the bathroom wall 

phone numbers to paradise 

a demolition derby of colliding ink 

marked up when people are laughing 

and you can't remember your name. 

Don't look too deeply. 

The numbers have changed.  


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